Street art encompasses a wide range of styles -- from graffiti artwork to 'yarn bombing'. My own brand of 'street art' comes from finding art in what we see (or don't even notice) every day as we walk around our neighborhoods.

Having lived in San Francisco for the last 10 years, this site and the accompanying book are a culmination of my exploration of this great city and the art that lives on its streets. I have highlighted nine of the city's many wonderfully unique neighborhoods, including my own -- NOPA (North of Panhandle, named for long, narrow park that stretches out from Golden Gate Park).

I've come to like my pictures a little rough around the edges, much like many of my subjects. Therefore, I have deliberately shied away from hyper-realism and, with few exceptions as I feel it may fit the subject, I have avoided over-saturation and other extensive photo manipulation. Although I do title some works, many of my photographs are untitled and most titles are simply descriptive. The images are left to the viewers' interpretation without my own getting in the way.

robyn capella
may 2011